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Enjoying Sunset

Grief can feel like a tsunami for adults, let alone for kiddos whose emotions tend to be far more intense and raw. Parents who are going through their own pain understandably often struggle to know what to say or how to offer support. This group for teens aged 14-17 offers another safe space for your kiddo to feel what they need to heal. Music, art, and other modes of creative expression in combination with talk therapy practices encourage exploration of the grief process. Your teen can expect to leave the group with tools for coping, a better understanding of their grieving process, and a sense of community. You can expect to breathe a sigh of relief because you know your child is in good hands.


Some folks who have completed a full round (or two) of DBT skills group are interested in practicing their newfound skills in a supportive, process-oriented environment. This group is designed for graduates of DBT skills groups who are interested in connecting with their peers in real time and learning more about their relationship patterns. This hybrid DBT-process group allows individuals who have a shared language around skills and therapy to learn from one another about human relationships and explore their own patterns of connection and self-protection.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing in this 8-week group that guides
you in the fundamentals of connecting with your inner child and reparenting this
vulnerable part of yourself. Participants will be introduced to a variety of mindfulness
techniques for developing an unconditionally loving relationship with their inner child
and using this relationship to illuminate growth and healing. Often emotional, sometimes
playful, this group will foster self-regulation, deepen self-compassion, exercise your
imagination, and bring out the kid in you!

Learn more about group therapy from the American Group Psychotherapy Association. 

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