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Inner Guide Therapy Los Angeles

Return to Yourself


We become who we are through relationships, and new relationships help us grow.

The therapy relationship involves reconstructing personal experience so we can understand and accept all parts of ourselves, both “good” and “bad.”

From my perspective, that is the essence of mental health.

Amanda Lomanov, Psy.D., Founder

How Therapy Can Help

Our mission is to support clients in connecting to their intuition and innate wisdom. To us, that usually means awakening to the unconscious thoughts and feelings that guide our decisions and thematically organize our lives and relationships. With this knowledge, we can begin to let go of unsatisfying automatic patterns and venture to design a life that nourishes us, allowing ourselves to be guided not by fear or circumstance, but by our intuitive sense of what we desire.

Your relationship with your therapist can also be a model for your relationships outside of therapy. Together we can explore how to manage conflict effectively, set healthy boundaries, and talk about things that make us uncomfortable. It’s our goal to help you understand what feels good to you in relationships and what doesn’t.

We know that everyone comes to us from a different starting point. We use integrative treatment approaches tailored to you, combining open-ended exploratory approaches with more structured skills-based techniques to meet you where you're at.

Navigating in Woods

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

Carl Jung

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