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Our Therapists
Dr. Amanda Lomanov

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 31901) & Supervisor (she/her)

Founder, Inner Guide Therapy Los Angeles

What you might see as “symptoms” are ways that your unconscious communicates what you really need and value without words. Therapy is a space in which we can look at the story of your life and translate the language of your body so you can learn to work with, rather than against yourself.

I love working with East Coast transplants, first generation Americans (especially those becoming aware of intergenerational trauma), millennials navigating non-traditional lifestyles, women working in male-dominated fields, and creators/artists. I believe that group therapy is sometimes more vitalizing than individual therapy and I am passionate about helping people understand the ways that their family’s history may live on in their present.

Heidi Liese Edsall (1).jpg
Heidi Edsall, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #137924 (she/her)

Supervised by Amanda Lomanov, Psy.D. (PSY31901)

This is your invitation to stop working on yourself. To lay down struggle and analysis and let therapy be a place of healing discovery. Using mindfulness and somatic exploration, we’ll give your nervous system a rest and allow your body reveal your truest feelings and perfect solutions. Let’s do more than just manage anxiety and depression: Let’s get to the source and heal your wounds from the inside out so you can enjoy the balanced, connected, abundant life you’re entitled to.

I love working with clients to find freedom from symptoms of PTSD and complex trauma. Whether you are a creative shedding scarcity mindset or perfectionism, intimate partners liberating yourselves from codependency or attachment wounds, or individuals with addiction finding new ways to cope with anxiety and depression, I am honored to be a part of your healing process. I am also deeply passionate about working to help children develop emotional resiliency.

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Jennifer Romero, APCC

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #14412 (she/her)

Supervised by Amanda Lomanov, Psy.D. (PSY31901)

Healing doesn’t happen in isolation. We need connection and a witness to our story to heal and process past experiences. I know that sharing your story can feel incredibly scary, but it can also provide an opportunity for you to change your narrative. My approach focuses on allowing you to feel in control of our sessions by deciding how and at what pace you share those different parts of yourself. My goal is to meet you at whatever stage of your healing journey that you are in. 


I love working with young adults, specifically those who have experienced trauma or those that are navigating difficult life transitions. Being in your twenties is all about self discovery and sometimes that can feel daunting to do alone. I offer a safe space for processing emotions and gaining insight. Whether you are starting to identify some childhood wounds or beginning to recognize the role your attachment style plays in your relationships, I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Together we can begin to build awareness, curiosity and self-compassion. 

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