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Inner Child Healing Skills Group
This group is for adults who are new to Inner Child work and seek an introduction to fundamental techniques. Using visualization, somatic exploration, journal prompts, art, and more, participants will develop a nurturing relationship with their inner child, use that relationship as a tool to identify needs, and cultivate supportive responses to parent those needs. This is a weekly, class-like group with each week’s material building upon the last.

Location: 1555 Sunset Boulevard, Suite C, Los Angeles, 90026

Time: Sundays, TBD - 90 minute group length

Duration: 8 weeks

Fee: $285 per month

Facilitator: Heidi Edsall, AMFT

Benefits include:
1. Emotional Healing: Connecting with your inner child releases shame, grief and
fear and moves you towards a more empowered state of being
2. Identity Development: Inner child work explores the events and experiences that
shaped you as a child and reveals the authentic qualities, behaviors and talents
that make up your unique sense of self

3. Improved Relationships: Healing unresolved childhood wounds and cultivating a
practice of parenting yourself leads to lighter, healthier, more fulfilling
4. Increased Joy: Inner child work taps into your natural sense of wonder and
playfulness, which builds your capacity to receive happiness and joy

This group meets in person and is open to adults (18 years and older).
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